Manufaktur für
Neue Medien

TeamUpClub App


TeamUpClub is an original team building app developed by the Manufaktur für Neue Medien. The concept, which works for both small and large groups, is simple: by following a trivia on the app, colleagues and friends can strengthen their bond while discovering a city. Currently operating in Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Berlin and Sarasota, TeamUpClub offers users 8 different topical routes based on what they would like to experience most - architectural treasures, the thrill of hidden mysteries, a boost of adrenaline or the historical aspects of a city, among others. All routes have been carefully established by the Manufaktur itself and range from one to three hours in duration. While team building exercises can often come across as stiff, TeamUpClub allows participants to take part in a fun experience that goes beyond the traditional expectations.